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Bartosz Kramek speaks about V.Klitschko’s engagement in the Chernobyl VR Project

The Open Dialog Foundation is a co-organiser of the event, which will be held in Kiev on 26 April, 2016, on the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The world premiere of a virtual museum of ‘Chernobyl VR Project’ is an innovative project, designed by the Polish company The Farm 51, received widespread coverage in Ukrainian media, including from the Kyiv Post.

In an interview with the weekly’s journalist, Chairman of the Foundation Bartosz Kramek spoke about the plans for the upcoming premiere of the project by the Silesian group The Farm 51. “On 12 March, 2016, at the Innotech conference in Kiev, Bartosz Kramek, a representative of the Open Dialog Foundation, declared that Vitaliy Klitschko would become personally involved in the project as he will be one of the narrators, telling the story of his father, an Air Force Major who was among those fighting the effects of the explosion and the fire at the power plant”- the online edition of the Kyiv Post newspaper reads.


Source: kyivpost.com

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