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Visit Chernobyl without leaving home!

On 26 April at 6.00 p.m., the Kyiv History Museum will host the world premiere of the Chernobyl VR project entitled ‘Ghost Town: World Premiere of a Virtual Tour’. The innovative design of Poland’s The Farm 51 is aimed at preserving the memory of 1986 through a virtual trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat. The presentation will remain open until 10 May.

VR (Virtual Reality) technology is currently a hot trend in the world of innovation. There is nothing surprising in this, as VR constitutes a huge leap forward in the field of multimedia, at least since the emergence of 3D movies. The unique features of this technology were used by designers from The Farm 51. Polish programmers developed the Reality 51 technology, which was subsequently used to show the Chernobyl disaster to the world.

„Innovative technologies of The Farm 51 allow the precise transfer of reality to the virtual world. For this reason, anyone who visits Kyiv History Museum, will be able to enter a different world and see the exclusion zone for himself”– Łukasz Rosiński, a worker of The Farm 51, stated.

The social aspect of the project was emphasised by the Ukrainian singer and activist Ruslana Lyzhychko: “I am convinced that thanks to the Chernobyl VR Project, many people around the world will understand the scale of the disaster which happened thirty years ago, and will pay more attention to the tragedy that befell millions of people”.

The presentation in Kiev will be the premiere. In the coming months, the project will be presented in other countries, including Poland and the USA.

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The organisers of the premiere are: The Farm 51, the Open Dialog Foundation, the Institute of National Remembrance of Ukraine, Global Ukraine and Ukraine’s Image Agency. The event will be held with the support and under the patronage of the Mayor of Kiev, Vitaliy Klitschko.