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Bartosz Kramek for Puls Biznesu: For Ukraine, Poland is the gate to the EU – 01.18.2017

Low living standards, war, corruption – these and other factors prompt Ukrainians to leave their country. Those who decided to start a new life in Poland, increasingly frequently consider establishing a business here. Organisations, such as Open Europe Group, which collaborates with the Open Dialog Foundation, offers them support associated with registration and running the company. read more

Polish stock exchange portals discuss the collaboration between The Farm 51 and the Open Dialog Foundation

The Chernobyl VR Project, which, thanks to the support of the Open Dialog Foundation, will have its premiere in Kiev, aroused the interest of stock exchange portals. An issuer, i.e. the Silesian company The Farm 51, developed an application which gives people the chance embark on a virtual journey to Chernobyl, where 30 years ago, a failure of one of the reactors at the nuclear power plant occurred.

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