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Bartosz Kramek


Chairman of the Board of the Open Dialog Foundation, President of the Board of the KL Solutions SPRL.  Organizer of observation missions and support for Ukrainian civil society during EuroMaidan at the turn of the year 2013/2014. Since 2009, he has been engaged in support for democracy, the rule of law and human rights in countries of the former Soviet Union, radio and television commentator.

In previous years, he occupied the positions of commercial director of the new media company ‘Etendard Sp. z o.o’ and editor-in-chief of the corporate television portal ‘Inwestor TV’ that he developed within the Etendard Group under the auspices of the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers. Specialist in the use of new technologies on capital markets, in corporate communications, investor relations and the promotion of public offerings (including Dolnośląskie Surowce Skalne, ENEL-MED, ZPC Otmuchów, KRUK).

Prior to joining the Etendard Group, he was employed as an Account Manager and Webcast Evangelist at TransmisjeOnline Sp. z o.o. He was responsible for development in the area of investor relations, online training (webcasts), as well as education and science. Expert of the project ‘How to Webcast’. New Media Use in the Efficient Learning Process’ of the Management Observatory Foundation; co-author of the textbook ‘How to Webcast’. Trainer’s manual’.  In the years 2008-09, he worked for the ‘Student Forum Business Centre Club’ Foundation   as a co-ordinator of the research project ‘Strategies of the best’, dedicated to the   development of entrepreneurship over the 20 years of market economy in Poland.

He obtained managerial education at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University and at the Leon Koźmiński University.

e: [email protected]